Shorter Julian Assange: Some People May Die, But That Is A Sacrifice I Am Willing To Make

He’s been out the news recently, but Julian Assange remains a strong contender for World’s Biggest Douchebag.  


Assange said WikiLeaks had “played a significant role” in the uprisings sweeping the Arab world by publishing secret documents about those countries’ authoritarian regimes. But he said the site was not the sole or even the major factor in the movements.

“It does look like we played a significant role in it. That said, the tinder of the Middle East was drying,” he said, crediting the spread of the internet and the rise of satellite TV stations like Al-Jazeera with major roles in the uprisings.

In response to critics who say WikiLeaks’ disclosures could endanger lives, Assange said major change involved risk and even deaths, as in the revolt that overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year.

He says from the comfort of a free nation where his life is in absolutely no danger. Brave, brave Sir Julian!

“We will not condemn a nation to a dictatorship just because we are scared of a certain annoying middle-class squeamishness in the United Kingdom,” Assange said.

So on the one hand, he says Wikileaks wasn’t the sole/major factor in the Arab Spring, but not leaking more stuff would condemn nations to dictatorship. Yeah, very modest, reality-based guy.

You know, for all that he claims to be against what they stand for, Assange shares an almost identical mentality to that of the Keyboard Kommandos of the 101st Chairborne.  Both lecture about fighting oppression from 50000 miles behind the front line, and human lives and consequences of actions simply do not feature in their equations.



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