Measles Cases Explode In UK, France Thanks To Fake Science

I will always maintain that striking Andrew Wakefield off the list of those permitted to practice medicine was nowhere near a severe enough punishment. For the damage he and his cohorts inflicted and are still inflicting on children, he should be in jail.

More than 330 cases of measles have been reported in the first three months of this year in the UK, nearly as many as were reported in all of last year. According to the Guardian, a total of 334 cases of measles have been confirmed in England and Wales, as compared with 33 cases for the same period last year, and 374 in all of 2010. There have been outbreaks in universities, schools and in individual families, with most of the cases occurring in London and the south-east, followed by Yorkshire and the Humber.

Even more alarming are figures about measles cases in France where more than 5,000 cases have been reported this year. The World Health Organization says that, as of mid-April, 6500 cases of measles have been reported in 33 countries. Outbreaks have also occurred in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Serbia.

To illustrate how awful this is: 5000 is the number of cases France reported for the whole of last year. We’re only halfway through 2011 and they’ve reached that number already.

Please parents, make sure your children are vaccinated with the MMR jab. It is your responsibility to your children and others’ children to prevent it spreading.



One comment on “Measles Cases Explode In UK, France Thanks To Fake Science

  1. Apparently you aren’t aware of the contradicting things you write about. Dr Wakefield was vilified by Brian Deer in The Sunday Times. Everything Deer writes is a lie. Who is Deer’s boss? James Murdoch, of the same Murdoch family you accuse of undermining democracy in another article you wrote.
    Wakefield co-authors a paper with 12 other doctors/researchers. In that paper they admit they haven’t proved anything but see a link between MMR, autism & enterocolitis. They agree that larger clinical controlled studies are needed to support or refute what they found in Dr Wakefield et al’s 1998 LANDMARK paper.
    Deer lies about Wakefiield’s research in Murdoch’s paper. The British Press Complaints Commission requests Murdoch’s Sunday Times to remove some of Deer’s stories from their website. Murdoch at first complies with then defies the PCC’s request to remove the fraudulent claims of data tampering. Glaxo (maker of MMR) then hires Murdoch as a paid non-executive director.
    Dr Wakefield never faked or tampered with the 1998 paper’s data. That paper was seperate from a study Dr Wakefield did for a lawyer’s office persuing damages against MMR maker Glaxo. If the 1998 paper was paid for by a lawyer to declare MMR causes autism, the lawyer should ask for his money back. That paper states they DID NOT PROVE that autism or enterocolitis was caused by MMR shots, but that more research was needed to support or refute the link they found.
    Dr Wakefield is being persecuted for SUGGESTING that large controlled clinical studies need to be done. In the 1998 paper they ADMIT the sample of children was biased and too small to prove anything. THE 1998 PAPER CONTINUES TO BE MISQUOTED AND MISCONSTRUED TO THIS DAY.
    Regarding the information in this article on measles incidence rising, you don’t pay attention to facts. There is greater vaccine coverage in England and France now then there was a year ago (much more than in the years immediately following Dr Wakefield’s landmark paper), but in spite of this measles & mumps infections are rising. This is the fault of ineffective batches of vaccine, impaired immunity in the infected individuals and/or a virulent mutated strain of virus (possibly spread by the vaccine itself). Immigration could also be a factor, but you choose to blame Dr Wakefield and anyone else that questions the need for so many unsafe vaccines.
    There is one thing PROVED about vaccines, they are UNSAFE for a growing percentage of children. In spite of increasing coverage, more outbreaks of disease are occurring IN VACCINATED KIDS AND ADULTS.
    Vaccines are also responsible for spreading disease. In Merck’s “Package Insert” for MMR-II vaccine, Merck admits that Rubella Mumps & Measles virus from the vaccine spreads to many organs in a child’s body. Merck also admits that vaccine rubella virus is present in breastmilk & nose/throat secretions for 28 days following vaccination. Should measles and mumps also make it to the respiratory tracts of vaccinated kids, and this vaccine strain is different than or mutated from older vaccine strains, that could easily explain a relatively small rise of 300 or 5000 cases in large countries like England and France. Just immigrant arrivals or record inaccuracies could account for these rising numbers. In France in 2010 there were over 93,000 immigrants (not counting migrant workers).
    Your post blindly supports drug industry propaganda. Look into the information I have supplied here, you will find the facts true, the suppositons or hypotheses on firm foundations.
    Michael Polidori

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