The Left Doth Protest At The Wrong People Too Much

I think the soon-to-be-law welfare caps and cuts that will affect millions of families and hurt the most vulnerable in our society, especially disabled people, is mind-bogglingly awful legislation. I also think blocking off one of the busiest areas in London as a protest against this bill is, like most of UKUncut’s actions, really fucking stupid.

Given that recent polls have shown a bump in support for the Tories, movements opposed to the Tory-led government’s aims should be attempting to win over public support and informing people of the dire consequences of this Government’s policies. Instead, they choose to have wheelchair bound people chain themselves across the breadth of Oxford Circus, creating a massive backlog of traffic stretching all the way up Regent Street. I don’t need to point out that the people stuck in that traffic aren’t politicians, or fat cats, or bankers, but ordinary citizens, who upon being inconvenienced by a protest group, are not likely to be in a mood to be sympathetic to the protesters’ aims.

And aside from the PR perspective, what is this protest going to achieve? How is blocking a road putting any sort of pressure on politicians? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked similar questions to well-meaning people who are for doing the right thing, but going the wrong way about it.


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