Flip Flop Fabio



Fabio Capello, 3 June 2011:

This week they have been absolutely fresh. Only Rio, who played in the Champions League final, didn’t have a holiday and he has trained half the time: for 30 minutes whenever the others have trained for an hour.

Fabio Capello, 4 June 2011:

In this period [of the year], always the energy [is a factor]. You can see the Switzerland players were fresher. They have had a different season. In the second half we played not so bad, a good reaction.




Arsenal’s Shitty, Awful, No-Good Season Crawling To An Ignominious End

Apparently too much Carling causes hangovers that last for months.

It's ironic that my NFL team's owner is a profligate idiot while my soccer team's manager is an equally stupid tightwad.

Our title bid went out with the wimpiest of whimpers, and instead of ending the season on some kind of high, the team seems to be determined to have us all reaching for the bottle by season’s end. Yeah, we were on the receiving end of some really appalling refereeing decisions, but refereeing decisions don’t use up every 90 minutes of 38 games. Ultimately, the team has no one to blame but themselves.

Between Squillaci proving to be by far the worst buy Arsene Wenger’s ever made, Cesc making it clear he’d rather be pulling Barca’s midfield strings, and Wenger’s fucking idiotic stubbornness in refusing to buy at all, not even the badly needed goalkeeper, or experienced players for the defence, this season has stretched my faith to the limit and broken it. So much so, that I now firmly believe that Wenger has taken this club as far as he can go, and he needs to pass the management on to new blood before we actually start going backwards.

And Arsenal: how about winning some silverware before deciding to jack season ticket prices up by 6%? People are already struggling to pay for these tickets, they don’t want to spend precious money on a team that serves up the kind of spineless, heartless football we’ve seen all too often this season. Or cut the wages overpaid primadonnas who play like they don’t give a shit if you need extra money. Except Robin van Persie, that man deserves a pay raise for the way he’s played this season. One goal every 97 minutes of Premiership football is simply amazing. He deserves better than this.

Everyone who loves Arsenal deserves better than this.