Overhaul Complete

I’ve had this domain for almost a year now, but I haven’t posted anything since October 2010 and figured it would be a bit awkward just carrying on from where I left off. So, brand new name, brand new pristine blog.

I’ll be blogging mainly about politics, and taking down the now daily buckets of BS coming from Glenn Greenwald, as well as the rest of the idiot left, and the insane right. Either today or tomorrow I plan to tackle Britain’s ridiculous culture of super-injunctions, and what Max Mosley’s defeat in the ECHR means for press freedom and VIPs’ privacy. And a warning: expect a long, rambling post on the final day of the football (soccer to you Yanks) season analysing why Arsenal’s season went down the toilet, and what must be done to stop circling the bowl.

Ciao for now.