About Moi

A 22-year-old South African-born woman living in Britain, obsessed with American politics,  and two perennially disappointing teams – namely Arsenal and the Washington Redskins. I love F1, but hate Lewis Hamilton (I do NOT feel it’s my patriotic duty to support Brits). In other words, one heck of a mix.

I’ve been blogging on and off over the years as I could never really focus, and I make myself heard just fine on Twitter, but now can’t bear the growing level of insanity on both sides of the pond.  The interest in American politics came from living next to the USAF-run RAF Fairford for over a decade, having an American best friend, and from my mother and myself both working on said base. Being a liberal, if I were actually American I’d be a Democrat (easy), and as a Brit all I know for sure is that I won’t vote Labour. Not a Nick Clegg hater, I’m afraid – I share the unpopular opinion that the guy did what he had to do in joining with the Tories.


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